Top 10 Sailing Helmets – Reviews for Kayak Sailing/Coastal/Off-Shore Helmets

Sailing helmets are primarily used in dinghy sailing, kayak sailing, skiff sailing, off-shoring and tons of watersports. Sailing helmets offer serious head protection from external elements in the oceanic bodies of water and other less intense areas used in watersports.  Helmets come in different form with different designs all serving a singular purpose. Sailing helmets based on design can be used for various sports ranging from land sports such as bike racing to water racing such as skiing, skateboarding, e.t.c . Helmets are can be used in any kind of season, there are inbuilt features such as the internal lining which helps to keep the head warm and comfortable.

Many of these helmets feature ear protectors which helps to protect the ear being a sensitive part of the head. All helmets have vents though which sweat is being drained and air enters the helmet to keep the head dry and comfortable at all times. Helmets can be designed to suit various sports,  a single sport or all sports in different seasons. Some helmets are also for children while some can be used by both children and adults of both sex. Therefore, helmets are important gear needed by all water lover and people who love to sale.

A Sailing helmet is made to bring comfort and protection to every sailing enthusiast, and also everyone interested in summer and winter sports. Individuals who love to bike for recreation can also buy and use sailing helmets to protect themselves from any possible harm that may come to them unexpectedly.

Below we will look at some of the best  sailing helmets on the market today

RatingI.D. ModelFeaturesCompare Prices
#1Sweet Protection Wanderer Paddle HelmetSweet Protection Carbon Fiber/EEP Padding/ CE ApprovedCompare Prices
#2Bern Helmet, Bern SailingBern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet
Hydrobase Lining/CE ApprovedCompare Prices
#3Zhik H1 Sailing Helmet - BlackZhik H1 Sailing Helmet EVA/ABS/Hydrobase/ CE ApprovedCompare Prices
#4 Forward WIP X-OVER Helmet SailingForward WIP X-OVER Fit-system /VN Foam Liner/ABS Shell/Duraflex/CE ApprovedCompare Prices
#5Protec Ace HelmetPro-Tec Ace HD ABS Shell/Full Surround Protection/CE ApprovedCompare Prices
#6Tontron Water Sports Helmet with Go Pro MountTontron Water w/Go Pro Mount
ABS Outer Shell/11 Air Vents/CE ApprovedCompare Prices
#7Gath RV, Gath sail, Gath water helmet, GathGath RVGrade 2 Retractable Visor, Shatter Proof, EVA FoamCompare Prices
#8Gul Watersports Evo 2Gul Watersports Evo 2 ProCarbon Fibre/CE Approved/ ABS T-Shock/LightweightCompare Prices
#9Magic Marine Impact Pro, magic marine helmet, magic marine sailing, marine sailing helmetMagic Marine Impact Pro Mechanical rear-adjuster Knob, SunbillCompare Prices
#10Forward PRO WIP 2.0Forward PRO WIP 2.0
polystyrene padding/Dial-A-FitCompare Prices

Below are reviews of our top 10 sailing helmets. Ratings are given based on 4 main factors including price, quality, durability and versatility.

The Sweet Protection Wanderer is by far one of the best kayak sailing helmets on the market. It offers great comfort and protection to the wearer and all adventure lovers. The helmet has a small beak which protects the eye from water and sun contact. The occigrip tensioning ensures thematic this lid stay in position. The helmet being an essential element for protection, it also keeps the body cool at all times with its Coolmax material.
This helmet offers a nice grip to the head and it prevents overheating when in the sun. It is a nice bike for everyone who is into riding of any kind, it is the perfect protection we all require. We are very happy with the strength to weight ratio and how rigid the Wanderer is. 

Improvements: Is not crossover and very well could be. For the price, Sweet Protection tops our list.

Conclusion: As far as as versatility you can probably go a different route, but if you are strictly into kayak sailing then stop looking. We love EPP liner and the little beak that keeps water and sun from making contact with your eyeballs! Price/function , can't beat it. This one is a classic for sure!

Best use: Kayak Sailing

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

2|  Bern H20 Summer Helmet

We really like the elongated beak on this helmet.Bern is known for their visors and this model is no different.  After testing multiple times, it became evident that this helmet was made with the intention of never getting water in the eyes! We really like this bulky ABS shell, it really screams safe!. It also utilizes  multiple-impact soft Brock foam. The reason why this Bern is #2 on our list is because of the Brock foam. It is the best for wicking away that moisture and not turning it into a heavy sponge. Bern typically makes skater helmets but after we tried out the

Improvements: The sizing can be a little misleading so make sure you know the actual measurements you need before pulling the trigger.

Conclusion: We truly believe this helmet should be considered a crossover and because of the Brock Foam, price and elongated beak we really really like this option for inshore sailing sports.

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

3| Zhik H1 Sailing Helmet

We believe the Zhik H1 is the best overall sailing helmet on the market. We use these on many of our sailign excursions on the West Coast. We love how the crown is molded at certain angles to allow for air to circulate in and out of the helmet. We received a variety of skull-pads with varying thicknesses which was clutch because our teams heads are on the smaller side so we needed extra thickness. Fully adjustable

We have been impressed with the Zhik Hyrdobase that will work to wick water and moisture away from our bald spots and rest of the head! We have noticed that you won’t get much wind turbulence around your face, ears and back of your head. The helmet has excellent channels for air flow. These come pretty lighweight which we like and are EN1385 approved. Check!

Improvements: Although it doesn’t come with any ear protection or beak for drainage and keeping water out of your eyes, this helmet will save your skull as well as your life!

Conclusion: If you love the sport of sailing in any capacity then this is the helmet for you. It is our favorite all-around sailing helmet yet, despite not having the ear prtoection and beak.

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

We believe the Forward WIP X is by far the best crossover helmet on the market today! So versatile, you can sail then going skiing with it! You are also not breaking the bank with it. Yes it is over 100$ but think about what you are getting, a lifetime of having to use one helmet for all of your sports activities. The foam does not absorb the water in the shell so it will not feel like there is a sponge on your head. You can wear the WIP X skateboarding as well.

An America’s cup team designed this helmet to match ski/sail/skate helmet specs. So if you are foiling out at sea or speeding snowboarding down some white powder in Aspen, jump all over this helmet. It has a significant amount of low coverage and a quick clip adjuster. The in-mold construction we found to be extremely lightweight. It conforms with CE 1385 for water sports and CE 1077B for ski certification. This helmet has a Thermoformed foam that really does a great job at keeping the head as comfortable as can be. You will receive thick form that customizes well to smaller heads. The Forward fit-adjustment system seems to be the best adjustment system on the market.

Improvements: None

Conclusion: Best use: Crossover Choice for any water sports , skiing and skateboarding. We use these kayak sailing!

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

As far as professional quality is concerned, the Pro-Tec hits the top of the list for us. We use the Ace Wake onboard our J24 when we take a trip to the Gulf. These helmets are awesome breathability/drainage wise  as they utilize 15 vents to keep the user as comfortable as can be. The ABS shell is solid and the EVA liner has a waterproof dual density for added protection against strange/powerful falls. Luckily we haven't had to make use of their capabilities but we tested them on some jagged rocks and a pressure washer project we made extremely entertaining! This helmet has removable cupping guards for the ears and channels the deter water from getting too bogged down in and around the ear drum. The helmet is CE Certified. You can go with the basic Ace or the Ace Wake, which has an awesome cranial backing strap for better cranial protection. The ear flaps also really help for smacking into the water. 

Improvements: None besides being outside of the price point for many. Meant only for serious sailors. The 1 year warranty could have been 3 years but we aren't complaining. We are happy with the chin strap and sizing

Conclusion: If you are a thrill seeker on your sailboat and you want professional grade quality in all of your gear, then the Ace helmet by Pro Tech will meet and exceed your expectations. This helmet stays real dry and it is very comfortable. 

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

    6| Tontron Water w/Go Pro Mount

    In the new age of Go Pro technology, where being able to video on the go pretty effortlessly has taken the outdoorsy world to new heights, shooting your sailing excursions while protecting your noggin with this beast mode of a helmet is really special. We really like that it also comes with a LED light troffer brackets on the sides. The Tontron has an ABS outer shell that absorbs impact real well after testing on Lake Lanier in GA. Great ear protection inserts and excellent dial. There are we counted, 11 air vents for breathability. The Go Pro NVG mount installs mostly any kind of Go Pro housing including the knock offs. You get two light troffers that install LED only

    Improvements: If you are not a fan of matte finishes then you may not like the selections because they are all matted finishes. Other than that we are very pleased with price/performance.

    Conclusion: Whether you must have streaming video footage everywhere you go or you like taking video on crazy excursions and you so happen to do a lot of inshore sailing activies and other water sports then this will be the helmet you want. Who wouldn’t want a Go Pro mountable saftety shell!

    Overall Rating: 4.7/5

    7| Gath RV

    We absolutely love the added protection that the Gath RV provides. For those who take on the elements for sport, this retractable visor helmet will get the job done. This is an all-around water sports helmet. We would use it for skiff sailing, kayak sailing, coastal sailing in intense weather. We like that the Visor fights UV, shatter proof made from a really good polycarbonate plastic. We found the EVA liner to be really durable. This helmet almost feels as though it has a halo strip that goes around the head made specifically for comfort.

    This helmet has an excellent retention system that is enforced with non stretch webbing. The buckles work as quick release and are adjustable. The helmet seems to be made with high quality screwing that are made from non corrosive materials which are resistant to salt water.

    Improvements: Not much of anything. This helmet is designed for all around safety on the water . Gath really impressed us with this RV.  This Aussie born compan has their act together when it comes to their gear and we are happy to have owned this product. The shipping and handling may be the only thing we didn’t like about it!

    Conclusion: If you want the best in helmet safety, this is arguably one of the best. It is a little pricey which is why it is higher on the list. The cost does not outweigh the reward, however. If you are serious about your sailing and water sports, pull the trigger on this Gath RV.

    Gath RV, Gath water, Gath, RV Gath

    Overall Rating: 4.7/5

    8| Gul Watersports Evo 2 Pro

    We love the carbon fibre finish on these helmets. As far as looks these are our favorite. We are pleased with the fully adjustable inner layer and we feel like GUL went above and beyond to make the fit as close to custom as possible. The  pinch releases work great. We use these when dinghy sailing and when we’ve capsized the shock shell really did great in the protection department. For Junior the head size is 50 CM-56 CM. Small Medium Adults sizes run up to 60 cm and Large runs up to 62cm.

    Improvements: We like lighter and brighter helmets just for added safety measure for spotting/rescue but overall performance of this helmet is bar none. The ABS T-shock is excellent. We also find that when you are finished with it, it happens to dry pretty fast. The Acculock system also works well.

    Conclusion: This helmet is great for inshore sailing and can be used for other water sports. It is CE approved and we are extremely pleased with it’s durability and reaction to sudden shock impact.

    Overall Ratings: 4.6/5

    9| Magic Marine Impact Pro

    Picture: skiffing team wearing helmets

    We love!!!….this CE approved helmet and even use it for offshoring when the elements are nutso. This helmet is “best used”when you are foiling on the faster side or using a modern catamaran , skiffing or doing any “out of the ordinary” sailing that lend themselves to using extra safety measures.  The helmet is lightweight at 430grams. The ABS shell EVA is a HI absorption grade with a foam liner. The chin strap is made of very soft nylon.

    Improvements: Again, we would like if this helmet came in a myriad of colors but we are very pleased with this helmet. The outer shell has wonderfully placed ventilation holes forward, center and back. The chin closure is quick release. This helmet is a bit on the pricier side but really makes up for it in the aesthetic and modern functionality

    Conclusion: Although not as lightweight as the Forward WIP 2.0 This helmet gets an A letter greade for its very sharp look and mechanically efficient performance. Do not hesitate if you are into

    Overall Rating: 4.6/5

    10 | Forward PRO WIP 2.0

    If you are a speed junkie and are looking to tap into either catamaran or speed sailing on a skiff, then the forward pro WIP is precisely the helmet for you. The last thing you want is to capsize on one of these vessels only to experience a serious traumatic blow to your skull! This helmet is made with a thin skin polycarbonate and is injected with polystyrene foam.  We really like how lightweight this helmet is too. There were a few times we took it out while sailing on our catamaran, literally forgetting we were wearing them until we floated back to the dock to start packing away our stuff! The helmet weighs less than 300 grams! The helmet comes with 2 foam set inserts including one that is best used for excellent fit on those with smaller noggins!

    Improvement: We wish they made a few different colors rather than red and white; also can be a little pricey for some but the quality definitely compensates for the tag. W are very happy with the ventilation and the fact that FORWARD kept those with small heads in mind.

    Conclusion: After testing over 50 helmets on the market, this helmet has arguable the best shock absorption of any CE helmets. The comfort you get from the Thermoformed foam  really helps in making these our favorite sailing helmets on the market right now. The adjusters utilize a micrometric Fit system and follow CRITT protocol to a T. Do not hesitate to pick this helmet up.

    Overall Rating 4.5/5

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