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Top 10 Best Sailing Boots and Shoes For All Ages

RatingI.D.ModelMaterialCompare Prices
#1. Gill carbon short boot , sailing bootGill carbon short boot 100% Natural RubberCompare Prices
#2Helly Hansen Women's midsund 2 rain bootHelly Hansen Women's midsund 2 rain bootWelded RubberCompare Prices
#3Viking Footwear Mariner Kadett Waterproof Slip-Resistant BootViking footwear Mariner Kadett Waterproof NBR Rubber with Polyester LiningCompare Prices
#4Gill tall yatchting boot - carbonGill tall yatchting boot 100 % Rubber with non-slip razor cut solesCompare Prices
#5Ronstan Sailing BootRonston sailing boots Razor-cut siping, Neoprene uppers, Rubber outsolesCompare Prices
#6Helly Hansen Men's Hydropower 4 ShoeHelly Hansen men's hydropower 4 Serdia, Synthetic MeshCompare Prices
#7Zhik 460 high cut lightweight race sailing boots - black / greyZhik 460 high cut lightweight race sailing boots High grid Rubber w/2mm Neoprene, Velcro ankle strapCompare Prices
#8Neil Pryde elite evolution 'Aigle Neil Pryde elite evolution 'Aigle Rubber, NeopreneCompare Prices
#9Zhik 2017 ZK seaboot 700 scaled sailing boot Zhik 2017 ZK seaboot 700 scaledNeoprene Rubber , Polyester, HydromerinoCompare Prices
#10Musto Gore-Tex Leather Sailing Boot 2018 - Dark BrownMusto gore-tex leather sailing boot 2018 Salt, Stain, Water Resistant LeatherCompare Prices

Sailing Footwear Guide

Every man/woman’s desire is to have a good companion, sailing boots offers the best companion anyone could ever want or desire to have :). All sailing boots in its uniqueness offers ultimate comfort for its user and its rate of flexibility makes it easy to use in various conditions at different locations.

Why Do We Need Footwear For Sailing?

Whether you are offshore sailing or rubber sailing , there are three major benefits to wearing boots/footwear. Those are:

  • Need something that keeps your feet dry
  • They keep your feet warm
  • To keep your feet from sliding on deck

How Much Should Sailing Footwear Cost?

This really ranges but cost can never replace quality and safety in materials used on a case by case bases for your footwear.

Let’s get real here,  the cost of your safety is obviously  essential. Variation in prices of boots reduces the choice of sailors and individuals involved in the use of these boots, though everyone wants the best of things. We implore you not to make the choice of footwear based on price only. If you can afford a Salt, Stain Leather like the Musto’s we highly consider going with it because of it’s safety features but depending on your sailing goals, you may want to go with something lighter. Don’t skimp here. You will thank us later.

Should My Sailing Footwear Have Ingrained Flexibility ?

The flexibility of the product is second to none. The ease to use these boots is spelt out by this factor. A well built and flexible boot will be highly demanded because of the ease to use . Sailing boots are made from materials varying from rubber to leathery materials and this factor creates convenience in the use of the product.

The flexibility of a boot also determines the dangerous of activities it can be used for. Some boots are made primarily for prevention against cold, some for activities in water, water sports and other similar activities. These boots are made flexible to suit the above listed activities. A boot such as the hydropower 4 is built specifically for use in water sports and it serves its function to the core based on its design. So, the flexibility of a boot also depends on the purpose of the designer.

Should My Sailing Footwear Be Durable?

Sailing Footwear materials really counts here. Everyone prefers quality to quantity. The quantity of our sailing footwear  determines how well such product can last when used. For every product, the period of time these products can last is to be taken into consideration coupled with maintainance. You should always go with footwear which will serve us for a long time rather than for a short period of time. The durability and quality of products increases its demand.

9| Zhik 2017 ZK seaboot 700 


The ZK Seaboat 700 provides key support to key areas of the feet. It does not only gives support but it gives comfort and ease to the feet. The inner layer is made of hydromerino inner lining, which combines merino and quick drying polyester fibres which helps to reduce odour, managing of moisture and production of warmth.

The upper and inner sole helps to provide maximum support which gives ultimate flexibility.

Best Use: Tropics, Near-Shore, Semi-Coastal Sailing, Coastal

Key features

* Sealed neoprene rubber construction

*Ultra high grip, non marking, proprietary ZK Sole

*8mm Neoprene midsole for thermal insulation and comfort

*Low profile handles for easy entry

*Ergonomic design

*Supportive EVA innersole with moulded heel and arch support

*Hydromerino boot lining with natural odour and moisture control

*Fast and highly flexible.

Neil Pryde has remedied that and brought back the classic dinghy boot with a new style. The Elite’s offer excellent hiking support while keeping your feet dry unlike similar neoprene boots.the Elite Evolution Boot has been designed for the ultimate support and grip. It has a bungee lacing cord which helps to increase it’s firmness to the feet.

Best Use: Tropics, Near-Shore, Semi-Coastal Sailing, Coastal Sailing

Key features:

* Bungee cord lacing

* It has an excellent grip sole

* It provides High support for the ankle.

These boots are made from using proprietary ergonomic shape lasts. It has a high grid rubber formula,  a tread like pattern, a side lacing system and an integrated ankle strap system. These all give the boot a superior fit and comfort. Boot 460 is a 2mm neoprene lightweight race boot, designed for ultimate feel and control.

Key features

*High cut, lightweight race boot.

*Lightweight control and ultimate feel

*Custom high grip ZK sole

*For the ultimate in grip on wet surfaces

*Side lace system

*made for an ergonomic, adjustable fit

* It is of lightweight, yet it has a very comfortable upper construction

*With 50mm velcro ankle strap

*2mm neoprene construction

*Offers lightweight comfort and flexibility.

    Ronston Sailing Dinghys are made of simple yet effective footwear, offering freedom of movement and agility in a slippery environment. Ronstan’s dinghy sailing boots address all that. These ultralight boots feature easy side zipper closures to make getting them on and taking them off (particularly when wet) a breeze. The neoprene uppers are soft and comfortable, providing enough warmth to keep your feet happy in mild climates. You’ll find reinforcements at the heel, toe and instep for extra support and durability when using hiking straps. Underneath, the non-marking rubber soles have razor-cut siping for nonslip wet or dry grip neoprene uppers rubber outsoles.

    Best Use: Tropics, Near-Shore, Semi-Coastal Sailing

    These boots will help you in mild climates due to its design.

    Key features

    *Best for dinghy sailing

    *Durable neoprene uppers for warmth

    *Side zippers make them easy to put on or remove when wet

    *Non-marking, razor-cut rubber soles for nonslip grip

    *Reinforced uppers for increased hiking support

    Gill Yachting Boot 4, Gill Yachting, Gill BootWe really really like these boots for near-shore sailing. These Gill’s have a really nice grippy sole, wide toe box with reinforcement and with a backside, gusset uptop,it uses sort of a padded PU material which is comfortable on the skin and inside, a  footbed for drying . It is made of a non-slip razor cut soles which increases it’s gripping ability and makes it essential for use on deck. This boot is made of 100% rubber which provides high level of support and comfort. It is made up of a quick drying polyester lining which makes it easy to use from time to time.

    Best Use: Tropics, Near-Shore, Semi-Coastal Sailing

    Key features

    *100% natural rubber compound.

    *Non-slip razor cut soles for grip.

    *Quick drying polyester lining.

    *Removable ultra light cushioned inner soles with exceptional arch support.

    *Reinforced heel, instep and toe.

    *Padded tie top.

    Rating: 5.0/5

    3| Viking footwear mariner kadett 

    We like these, especially suited for warm falll weather downpours. The Kadetts are made with 100% rubber material and it has a polyester lining which resist the penetration of water as it keeps the body warm and comfortable. They are very easy to pull on and pull off. The insoles are a bit inconsequential but are easy to remove in case you are looking for something a little more custom suited. They run a little big so if you have wide or long feet these are suited for you.

    It is a unisex boot with polyester lining. It is made of rubber, it should be note that rubber boots bloom whenever they are exposed to air or ultraviolet rays.The witish colour is a harmless talc powder. This blooming residue can be removed with the use of mild soap and water or applying silicon spray coating.

    Best Uses: Coastal, Near-Shore, Saltwater Fishing

    Key features

    *NBR rubber 10″ boot with polyester lining.

    *Rubber, slip resistant, razor-cut deck sole.

    *Removable orthopedic designed insole.

    *Unisex boot.

    Rating: 5.0

    2|  Helly Hansen Women’s midsund 2 rain boot

    The helly Hansen women’s rain boot is a water resistant boot. It helps to protect the body during harsh weather conditions. It is made up of a single piece rubber upper and midsole which prevents water from all angles and keeps the body warm, dry and comfortable.

    Best Use: Tropics, Near-Shore, Coastal Sailing

    Key features

    *Wellington style rubber boot provides unbeatable wet weather protection

    *Welded rubber upper and midsole form one single piece to seal out water

    *Rear pull tab makes boots easier to put on

    *Gum rubber outsole for a contrasting look and improved traction on wet surfaces.

    Our Rating: 4.3/5

    1 | Gill Carbon Short Boot

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