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Top 5 Best Jib Sails For Sailing

A Jib sail is a kind of head sail or foresail used in most modern sailboats.  These are triangular-shaped sails that can be used singly or along with a mainsail. Irrespective of how you use it, choosing the right Jib sail plays an vital role. That’s because the Foresail is always the first one to encounter the wind and only then the wind gets to the mainsail.

RatingI.D.ModelFeaturesRatingCompare Prices
#1O'Day 22 OEM Style Jib with HanksO'Day 22 OEM Style Jib with HanksHigh-grade Dacron

Reinforced corners
4/5Compare Prices
#2MacGregor 26 Classic Original Equipment Style Jib SailMacGregor 26 Classic Original Equipment Style Jib SailSuperior Dacron

Fits on a Macgregor 25

2Y warranty
4/5Compare Prices
#3Pearson 26 OEM Style Jib with HanksPearson 26 OEM Style Jib with Hanks Computer lofted

UV Resistant

US Dacron
4/5Compare Prices
#4sail warehouse, Storm Jib for Sailboats 35' - 39'Sail Warehouses's Storm Jib for Sailboats 35' - 39' For Boats 35'-39'

US Dacron and UV thread
4/5Compare Prices
#5Sleeve Type Storm Jib for Roller Furled Headsails 28'-35' , Sail Warehouse Jib, Sail WarehouseSW Sleeve Type Storm Jib for Roller Furled Headsails 28'-35' high-grade international orange Dacron

Wichard-style Hanks

Primarily for Offshore Racing

4/5Compare Prices

 When can you use a Jib alone?Jib sail

To Increase speed – When you require lesser sail area and higher speed, using the Jib alone is a great way to get started.

For Shorter Distances – While sailing for an hour or two, you can count on just the Jib for ease and comfort.

What are the concerns while sailing with only a Jib?

Lee Helm – The boat’s bow may turn against the direction of the wind when you sail with just the jib. To counter this, all you need to do is turn the wheel windward. Now this may require some pressure but that’s how you handle the boat when it sails with just a Jib and has a lee helm.

Loss of Momentum – It is easy for the sailboat to lose momentum while you sail with just the Jib. More so, if the helmsman does not maintain the right angle of the wheel or steers too close to the wind. So if one of your sailing mates did that then you must first adjust the jib and angle it in the direction of the wind. You can then feel the boat pick up momentum all over again by sailing in the direction of the wind.

 Here’s a video on how to rig a storm Jib…

Top 5 Jib Sails For Specific Sizes

1. O’Day 22 OEM Style Jib with Hanksjib sail, 1. O'Day 22 OEM Style Jib with Hanks

Price – $335

 Imagine going on a short 2-hour sail with just the Jib and sailing freely with one hand. You can do that with the O’Day 22 Jib that comes with stainless hanks. This is an excellent alternative to the pricey original Jib sail and is made in accordance with the OEM standards, but with some useful additions. Also, this product is fairly priced considering the 2-year warranty period that it offers.

Key Features

Economic replacement – This Jib is an economic alternative for the original one and is made as per the OEM standards. So if you Jib is no longer in good shape then you can get this custom-made alternative at a competitive price for your sailboat.

2-Year Warranty – Besides being an economic alternative, this Jib is an investment for any Sailing enthusiast as it comes with a two year warranty.


· Made with high-grade Dacron

· To make the Jib more durable, it comes with heavily reinforced corners

· Made as per OEM standards

· Better quality and more features than the original Jib Sail


· Not meant for sailboats with roller furling


O’Day 22 OEM Style Jib with Hanks is an efficient investment that comes clubbed with a two year warranty period. In most cases, this Jib is far more advanced than the original Jib Sail. Additionally, it comes with Stainless Wichard Style Jib Hanks to enable one-hand sailing.

 Rating – 4 Stars


2. MacGregor 26 Classic Original Equipment Style Jib Sail

jib sail

Pictured: Jib Sail MacGregor 26

Price – $368 

 This particular Jib sail is designed to meet the OEM standards for the 1986 to 1995 make of the MacGregor Classic 26 S and MacGregor Classic 26 D. This product is said to do a better job than the original Jib sail and weighs about 24 pounds. However, it is not compatible with certain sailboat models and you need to go through the Seller’s return policy in detail to avoid additional cost on shipping and restocking.

Key Features

Durable – This Jib is designed using high quality products in its manufacture to increase its durability. To further ensure that, it comes with a 2-year warranty period.

Comes with Hanks – The stainless hanks of this Jib sail are ideal for one-hand sailing. It is to be installed on the head stay and does not go with the roller furling system.


· Made from superior quality Dacron

· This purchase includes a sail bag

· It includes leech line and tell tales

· Comes with a 2-year warranty period

· Also fits the MacGregor 25


· Not suitable for sailboats using the roller furling system

· This jib is not compatible with Venture 25, or MacGregor 26M or MacGregor  26X



MacGregor 26 Classic Original Equipment Style Jib Sail is a high-quality product that comes with advanced features like the built-in leech line and stainless steel Wichard style Hanks that ensure a greater control by the Helmsman. For an accurate fit, you can count on the computer lofting used in its manufacture.

Rating – 5 Stars

3. Pearson 26 OEM Style Jib with HanksPearson 26 OEM Style Jib with Hanks

Price – $ 595 

This Jib Sail is a ready-to-use alternative for custom-made sails that can be too pricey. Also this Jib Sail comes with several extra features that make it an apt choice. However, it is strongly suggested that you measure your rig before ordering it. The steel hanks work with a Head stay, so roller furling is a big no.

Key Features

Uses Computer Lofting – You can expect a high degree of accuracy in the design of this product because it is computer lofted. In other words, you can expect a flawless design in this Jib Sail.

Uses high-grade materials – This product uses high-quality materials in the manufacture of this product. Some of them include US Dacron, UV Resistant thread, Stainless Hanks, and all of that is covered under a 2-year warranty period.


· This Jib comes with stainless hanks

· It is made from high-quality materials


· It does not suit boats with roller furling system


Pearson 26 OEM Style Jib with Hanks is a reasonable replacement for your Jib and the clear measurements given by the company does a great job in helping you make the right choice. However, make sure to measure your rig and compare it in order to be doubly sure. This Jib weighs about 24 pounds and is a robust and durable choice for your sailboat.

Rating – 4 Stars


4. Storm Jib for Sailboats by Sail Warehousesail warehouse, Storm Jib for Sailboats 35' - 39'

A storm Jib is more than required for those who sail longer distances and through rough weather conditions. That’s because the head sail alone cannot counter the wind very effectively. Since a storm Jib is used in rough weathers, this product is designed with a leech to prevent the corner from flapping about.

Key Features

Orange Patch – This sail is made with an orange patch to abide by the international norms for the sail to be visible to others in stormy weather conditions.

Good for Racing – You don’t have to worry about Luff tape with Grommets, a standard requirement at the racing associations. That’s because this Jib is equipped with all of that and more to get you raring ahead in the race.



· Made from high-quality materials such as US Dacron and UV thread

· Complies with the International norms and racing norms

· Includes a sail bag


· Some will find it expensive


Sail Warehouses’s Storm Jib for Sailboats 35′ – 39′ is a durable product and is ideal for racing. It complies with the standards laid down by most racing organizations. Also it is reasonably priced and a must-have for racing buffs. We use this for offshoring on our Hughes 40!

Rating – 4 Stars

5. Sleeve Type Storm Jib for Roller FurledJib Sail Headsails 28′-35′ 

Price – $880

This product saves you from the hassles that come with a conventional Jib. So you don’t have to unfurl, drop or pack up this Jib in dangerous climatic conditions as it comes with roller furls that facilitate easy sliding. Designed for offshore racing, this orange jib complies with all the requirements set forth for that purpose.

Key Features

Ideal for Offshore Racing – This storm Jib by Sail Warehouse is great for offshore racing as it uses high-quality orange Dacron and can be easily hoisted, in fact, it can be hoisted with just any Halyard. It comes with heavily reinforced corners that are exclusively designed to stand the strong winds and storms.

Advanced Aerodynamic Shape – The furled sail ensures advanced aerodynamics for a more power-packed sailing experience that requires lesser efforts.


· Uses high-grade international orange Dacron material

· Ideal for offshore racing

· Uses stainless wichard-style hanks

· Comes with a 2 year warranty


· If you make ordering errors then you may have to pay a 10 percent restocking fee upon return


Sleeve Type Storm Jib for Roller Furled Headsails are packed with all the features required for an amazing offshore sailing experience. Although this Jib may seem a little expensive, it is worth every penny paid for it.

Rating – 4 Stars


What is a Sailing Harness?

sailing harness

A sailing harness is a safety gear that is fastened to the body on one end and on the other to the boat. This is to ensure that the wearer remains in his place while sailing when the going gets tough due to rough weather conditions. In short, it ensures that you don’t fall overboard and keeps you in the boat.


Why do we need a Sailing Harness?

The modern day sailing harness is a combination of tether, safety harness and a life jacket, making it all the more desirable. This keeps you in place while also providing you with the features of a life jacket so that you don’t have to additionally spend on that.


Top 5 Jib Sails 

5 Best Harnesses for Rigging Your Sailboat


1. Mustang Survival Corp Inflatable PFD with HIT with Harness

Rate – $ 237.58

This is one of the best-selling Safety Harness that uses the most upgraded technology and a comfortable design. This stylish harness is available in red and black colors, and weighs just 2.08 pounds, making it ideal to be worn all day long. It claims to be maintenance-free for upto 5 years from the date of purchase or until inflated, thereby making it an ideal and economic choice.

Key Features
Auto Hydrostatic – This Safety Harness uses the Hydraulic Inflator Technology or HIT to make it more useful. Due to this, once the wearer is 4 inches under the water, this Safety Harness auto inflates itself in order to prevent the wearer from drowning.

Comfortable Design – This Safety harness was devised to offer maximum comfort to the wearer throughout the year. Also the neoprene collar makes it all the more comfortable. The design is classy and neat so you don’t have to bother about looking like a marine geek while sailing.


· It uses the HIT technology to ensure auto-inflation only when it is at least 4 inches under the water

· The safety harness has a sleek design so be prepared to forget that this is a safety gear

· The comfortable design makes it perfect to be worn all day long



· It is available only in two colors


Mustang Survival Corp is a safety gear that comes with several top of the line features such as HIT and also fits people of most sizes, big and small. It uses the Secure Zip technology to keep it secure on the wearer’s body during harsh winds and to easily open-up when submerged 4 inches under the water. Also, the product seems to be fairly priced and ideal for sailing.

Rating – 4 Stars


2. Zhik T2 Trapeze HarnessZhik T2 Trapeze

Price – $ 224.40


 This is a useful safety gear that comes in three sizes and is liked by most users because Zhik keeps the design of this product to a minimum. That means to say that there are no extra straps, buckles or cushioning to make it heavier, tighter and uncomfortable. Also this product comes with features that let the user adjust it according to their specific needs.


Key Features

Custom-fit – This Harness has several customization features such as the Double Velcro Adjustment, stretchable crotch area and minimal straps. These features ensure that the Harness fits all body types comfortably.


No extra buckles – With no extra straps, this Harness also does away with the need for the extra buckles. This design makes it comfortable to wear even for long hours without any difficulty.



· Comfortable when worn for long hours

· Comes in three different sizes

· Stretchable Crotch Area

· Comfortable shoulder padding

· Customizable features



· Price varies depending on the size

· Comes in one color only



Zhik T2 Trapeze Harness is a comfortable and customizable Harness that is ideal for people of all sizes. You can choose one depending on your requirements. This product is highly rated by the users and therefore, it is recommended.


Rating – 5 Stars



3. Spinlock Deckvest 5D 170N Pro Sensor Inflatable PFD & HarnessSpinlock Deckvest 5D 170N Pro

Price – $ 369

 This safety harness is available in three attractive colors, pacific blue, tropic white and gun metal black. This product by Spinlock is comfortable and highly advanced when it comes to safety. Also, it uses the auto-inflation technology and is exceptionally durable since it is made from polyamide.

Key Features

Auto-inflation – This Safety Harness uses a technology by which a paper capsule is released when it is under water, and that in turn punctures the cylinder to release carbon dioxide.



· Has auto LED Light placed on a 23 cm antenna that is useful in signalling danger while drowning

· Comes in three sizes

· High-quality materials make it durable


· Price of the product varies according to size


Spinlock Deckvest 5D 170N Pro is a flexible and automatic Safety Harness that is lightweight and durable. Also, considering the many features that it offers, it is fairly priced.

Rating – 5 Stars


4. Spinlock Deckvest Cento Junior PFDSpinlock Deckvest Cento Junior PFD

Price – $ 179 


 This is a safety harness cum inflatable life jacket ideal for young sailors between the age group of 8 to 15 years and comes in two colors, Grenadine Pink and Pacific Blue. It has adjustable belt and straps, hence it is ideal for growing kids. Now your kids don’t have to get uncomfortable in bigger Safety Harness cum life jackets.


Key Features

Designed to be comfortable for kids – It is exclusively designed keeping in mind the overall comfort of growing kids, and therefore is lightweight and comes with expandable features. It is ideal for kids weighing between 20 kgs to 50 kgs.



· Has adjustable belt and straps

· It is lightweight

· Suitable for kids between 8 to 15 years of age



· Not suitable for overweight kids who weigh above 50 Kgs



Spinlock Deckvest Cento Junior PFD is made for young sailors and is one of the few Safety Harnesses cum Life Jackets available. Also, it is well-designed with useful features and style to match up with the sailing needs.


Rating – 4 Stars


5. Mustang Survival Deluxe Mustang Survival

Price – $ 416.99 

 Yet another high-quality, durable and inflatable Safety Harness and Jacket from Mustang Survival, this product is available in two color combinations. The first one is red, carbon and black, while the second one is available in blue, carbon and black.

Key Features

Designed for rough weather conditions – From the comfortable shoulder design to the safety strobe light, this product is designed to provide the necessary light and send the required signals even during adverse climatic conditions.



· Has pockets for mobile and wallet with a zipper closure

· Includes high-quality Harness rings

· Uses a neoprene collar for additional comfort


· Not as advanced as other Mustang Survival Safety Harnesses cum Life jackets


Mustang Survival Deluxe Manual Inflatable PFD with Harness is a comfortable safety harness that is ideal for offshore sailing and day sailing. It weighs only around 2.8 pounds and comes with a whistle and a strobe.

Rating – 4.5 Stars


Above shown are some of the top-rated and reputed products that you can count on for a fantastic sailing experience. While the Jib sails with hanks make it easier for you to sail single-handedly, the safety harnesses are the best in line products that keep you comfortable and safe while sailing.

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