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Sailing Bags: Top 8 Bags to Sail With

Sailing bags are irresistible and are very versatile in nature. They come in different forms ranging from a tote bag to a strap backpack. The choice of bag used depends on what we intend to use them for and this bags are highly waterproofed and floatable in nature. Bags are essential for keeping our valuables and we need to take up the best and most durable kind of bag for all belongings. Bags are everyday gear that is needed by everyone, no matter the size, shape or material it is made with, bag is an everyday gear for everyone.

It must be noted that sailing bags come in different forms from a duffel bag to a school bag like and it can also be in the form of a travelling bag. Sailing bags perform a specific function which is Protection against water. Since water destroys a lot of valuables, sailing bags are necessary when going to sail or going for recreational activities with friends and family.

Bags are essential gears needed by seagoers to make carriage of luggages and other valuables conveiant and safe. Below we will look at some of the best 10 all-purpose welding machines on the market today.

RatingI.D.ModelFeaturesCompare Prices
#1Såk Gear ToteSåk Såk Gear ToteSåk TPU-Coated CanvasCompare Prices
#2Såk Gear DuffelSakSåk Gear DuffelSak500D PVC w/ Watertight Welded SeamsCompare Prices
#3Navis Marine, Navis bagNavis Marine100% Nylon Oxford, Water-Resistant PVC BackingCompare Prices
#4Relentless Recreation Dry Bag Backpack | 30L Waterproof - 500D PVC Tarpaulin | Splash Proof Cell Phone Pocket | Rolltop Drybag for Kayaking, Boating, Hiking..Relentless Recreation Dry BagIndustrial Grade 500 Denier Polyvinyl Tarpaulin Compare Prices
#5Vitchelo 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack by for Outdoor Water Sports Kayaking Camping - Fly Fishing & Boating Gifts for Men - 100% Tear-Free, Lifetime Kayak Storage Bag - FREE Waterproof Phone PouchVitchelo 30L WaterproofRip-stop TarpaulinCompare Prices
#6Cougar OUTDOOR, Cougar bagCougar OUTDOORReinforced PVC VinylCompare Prices
#7Luckroute water proof, Luckroute Waterproof Dry Backpack with Straps and Pockets - Floating Dry Bag for Beach - Sack for Kayaking and Boating or FishingLuckroute DryPVC 500Compare Prices
#8Watershed Animas backpackWatershed Animas420 denier Cordura Nylon Ripstop Compare Prices

What Makes Up The Best in Sailing Bags?

As a child , you may have had to lug your gear in big sack duffle that was ripped in every which way and needed a major facelift. Enter the 21st century.

The mist of the water, the sea as salty as the contents in a saltshaker(with a twist) ripping across your boat deck. These are super exciting elements that make one sailing trip the joy of a lifetime. These elements however, will cause major damage to your belongings without much effort! So how do we curb this phenomena and still manage to bring everything we need on board that is worth a lick and is essential to bring with us while we set sail? Enter 100% Waterproof sailing bags.

What To Look for in your Sailing Bags?

Your sailing bags should be:

  1. Completely Impervious to Water
  2. Completely able to withstand icy/snowy conditions when ice sailing. (Arctic weather)
  3. Impervious to dirt
  4. Impervious to sand

Your bag should also utilize compartments throughout because we both know you mean to bring your smart products (iphone, Ipad, Laptops). Making sure there is a padded compartments is essential to make sure these devices stay intact. There really is never enough protection so make sure to get the biggest and baddest in this case. The bigger the better! Some of these bags on the market today have integrated pressure valves so that you have packed it full of lead (:D) you can release the excess air so that these bags can fit in tighter spaces in on board.

The Watershed Animas is one the more underrated water tight bags on the market today, we think primarily because of the velcro feature that comes air tight. Most people can't wrap there head around this concept, so take advantage of this when headed out to sea (we like its affordability). The zip-dry water feature is so cool and so effective, believe us! This is submersible meaning it can be completely under water and the content will be completely dry when you pull it out. We like the fact that Watershed throws in a protectant to coat the ziplock to keep it moist so that the sealant wont crack. It also helps that is a very sharp bag. Has nylon shoulder straps. 54L in volume so you will have plenty to pack(clothes, speaker, etc). The closure is very sturdy and tactile. Interior is constructed with nylon. 

Improvement: We wish there was some sort of pocket on the inside of the bag to carry a wallet/passports but we can live without it.

Conclusion: This bag does not leak and is  very well constructed. This would be an excellent bag to bring on board with you if you like dryness! If you are one of the more daring sailors that doesn't mind setting sail during a rainstorm then we do reccomend the Animas. 

Overall Rating: 4.4/5

We really like this bag for its versatility. If you are asailor, and race a lot, this would be a perfect bag because it is super well taped and you can use it like a backpack. The bag also comes with sealed side pockets which aren’t always a given to have on these sort of bags. Picture this. You anchor sail and you are ready to swim or snorkel and you do not have anything handy that is air tight sealed. this bag works  great and floats ontop of the water, you can use like like a little floatie! Excellent waterproof sealant technology. This bag will not leak, rest assured.

Improvements. It can be a little smaller at 10L but that is really the point. To have only the bear essentials in the bag and not load your back up with weight or just generally needing to carry a heavier load. Perfect size for 1 day rides.

Overall: 4.4/5

Dry bag video 1 from Luck Route on Vimeo.

This is a bag that we highly recommend for its wonderful 5 year warranty and its versatility. We do want to point out that the side pockets on this bag are not waterproof but they do help with additional storage space of things you don’t want to leave laying around the dock overnight. . However, the rest of the bag is made of the best quality PVC waterproof material. Contents, volume wise may fit a rainsuit, rain boots, 2 sets of extra clothes, and a secondary bag.

This is the bag that when you are planning a long trip (longer than 1 or 2 days) you want to keep close by because it holds so many different things (including a thrown in cellphone/camera case). We are extremely happy with the quality of this bag. This bag is made of PVC Marine grade vinyl which we hold in high regard as far as functionality is concerned. After testing it out we are extremely happy with its size (true 40L)

Improvements: if they somehow designed the exterior pockets to be waterproof /water resistant. besides this one concern, it doesn’t really get any better than this material wise.

Cool Feature: Floats in water and obviously its leak proof DRY-LOCK capabilities.

Overall Rating 4.4/5

You can carry about 15-20lbs worth of stuff in the Vitchelo. We’ve tested this product over ten times. We’ve dumped in many bodies of water, including a torrential downpour  It’s essentially one large pocket. It’s made of a thick vinyl..all the seems are double stitched and taped. This is a roll top dry bag (roll top enclosure)…nice handle(don’t pick up bags from shoulder strap with any bag, use the handle)

Improvements: Shoulder straps aren’t as thick but they do give off ample cushioning around the shoulders and the lumbar sections. Also has a hip belt but you probably won’t need it much…The two bottle holders have cord locks on them, middle of the exterior also has cord shock on it that you can use to add additional items to the pack, but it is not sealed on the bottom

Conclusion: This pack is a really comfortable pack and gets the job done. Highly recommended for the price-point.

Overall 4.5/5

Picture sail fishing out in the Gulf of Mexico with this jewel! The material is made of Denier Polyvinyl Tarpaulin that is welded at the seems! It utilizes perfect balance as tough and featherweight so feel free to bring your whole load with you! 

Improvements: The splash proof pocket in the front of the bag does not protect bag when the bag is exposed to a large amount of water or submersion. We wish this pocket was an airtight pocket but it isn't. So we don't recommend leaving your phone inside of it without a waterproof case. 

Conclusions: At 30L this bag is ideal for large cache. We like that Relentless Recreation offers a money back guarantee for life of the bag. Most companies will not offer a lifetime guarantee. The Polyvinyl is top of the line quality and this bag will last you a lifetime. 

Overall rating: 4.6/5

    For the real avid sailor who may travel a lot, this Marine 50L bag can really really help matters. It has a solid body made of 100% Nylon Oxford with PVC  water resistant backing and water-tight zippers. We love this bag for its rugged appeal and very helpful straps that make it easy to lug around. This is a real heavy duty, tough duffle bag, as the name suggests. We wouldn’t hesitate at the price point.

    Improvements: We really wouldn’t make any improvements to this bag. It is one of the best sailing bags we’ve ever come across as far as functionality, quality and durability.

    Conclusion:  If you plain on going on long excursions or you are looking to hit the sport of sailing full speed then this bag will carry all your essentials and then some . Duffle bags aren’t as comfortable to tote around the shoulders as backpacks are but this Marine has straps are made of excellent grade material that make it real comfortable to carry.

    Overall Rating: 4.7/5

    2| Såk Gear DuffelSak

    Imagine riding your new military interceptor and taking on some of the toughest waves in the world at 7′ seas at 45 MPH wind gusts. Prepare to get drenched! After the wind settles and things are back to normal, everything will be soaked..that is of course everything besides the contents of your SAK DuffelSAK. First of the 40 or 60L choice is wonderful and you can’t beat added space so would recommend the 60L.

    Some other features include

    • Duraflex Clips
    • Handles that come attached with velcro padding
    • adjustable shoulder straps
    • 2 inner and outer zippered pockets for quick access to keys
    • reflection trim for added visibility

    The roll down top on this back is the most effective roll down on the market.

    If you are sailing in salt water, all you will need to do is hose the bag off afterwards to get all the salt grime off the bag. It repels elements really well

    Improvements: Not really made to be submerged. Also you must load this bag to ensure that the strips at the top of the bag are still joined after rolling.

    Conclusion: This is one of our favorite bags for loading tons of our sail gear /valuables in. You will be extremely happy with this bag , no matter what kind of sailing you do.

    Overall Rating: 4.8/10

    Ladies obviously come first, whether on land or sea and the fully waterproof zipper pockets on the outside and the inside of this SAK Tote bag takes all of our praises to another level.

    After the first incident of your stuff getting completely destroyed, you will learn fast that 100% waterproof needs to mean 100% waterproof, in all of the compartments of the bag. This tote is perfect to keep a book, sunblock, wet clothes, keys , wallets and jewelry in. The Totesake is big enough to hold all of these items and them some.

    The TPU-coated canvas w/nylon buttons really gives this bag the appeal and durability that most tote bags wish they have.

    Improvements: SAK did an amazing job with this tote and they really need not touch/tweak anything on this bag

    Conclusion: We love the quality, the full water proof design (even with exterior pockets) and handle of this bag more than most bags on the market today. I wouldn’t hesitate bringing this bag on board with you. It’s got plenty of space and is 100% zipper tight. Boom!

    Overall Rating: 5/5

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